Nutella-Banana Sandwich

Nutell-banana sandwich with honey and cinnamon
Nutella-banana sandwich with honey and cinnamon

Being home is a wonderful thing, especially if you have stayed away from it for such a long time. My visits are nothing sort of adventure, in particularly with all my culinary experiences. I am eager to try out new dishes and cook some new varieties myself. The kitchen more than often bears resemblance to an experiment laboratory, quite to my mother’s annoyance.

Power cuts are common in these parts of the country. And like many nights, the load-shedding was eating into our dinner time, quite literally. I was in no mood of eating anything heavy and scouted the cupboards for some small snacks. Eventually, the discovery of one ingredient led to another, and I was quick to try out a new recipe, one that was always hanging at the back of my mind.

The ingredients are quite ready-made themselves. There is hardly any cooking required in this one.


4 slices of bread (Any bread will do. The larger the slices, the better)

1 tbsp butter (Yes, that’s it!)

3 ripe bananas (Make sure they are not too ripe or else they might just melt away)

1 and ½ tbsp of honey (Substituting brown sugar for honey is a great health tip)

Nutella for covering the bread slices

A pinch of cinnamon


Heat a non-stick frying pan, large enough to hold two or more bread slices. Add half of the butter to the pan and toast all the bread slices till they are light brown on both sides. Keep aside when done.

Meanwhile, chop the bananas into medium circular discs. Heat a smaller pan and add the remaining butter. Throw in the bananas and stir lightly or toss carefully. Next, add the honey and the cinnamon and stir slowly, coating all the banana pieces. We just have to heat the bananas and make sure they soften up just enough. Reduce the heat and cook for about 30 more seconds. Remove the pan off the stove and keep aside.

Next, spread Nutella evenly over the slices. You can use any other chocolate spread in case you don’t have Nutella. Re-heat the pan on medium flame and place one Nutella-coated slice on it. Carefully top it with the half of the banana mixture. Place another slice on top of it and press with a weight.

Do not overfill the slices or else the bananas might pop out when you press them. Repeat the procedure with the remaining slices. With one smooth motion, invert the sandwiches.

Remove off heat. Finish it with another dash of honey on top with a spoon. Serve it any fruit jam, more Nutella or even whipped cream.

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