The Bolt

Butterflies and Hurricanes

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It was the end. It was finally, truly, the ultimate end. It wasn’t like one of Nostradamus’ prophecies, or the farcical 2012 prediction, or the old blokes who sat around a bonfire waiting for it to happen. No, this time, it was real.

She felt goose pimples forming all over her skin, as the storm picked up and uprooted trees and buildings. It vanquished everything in its sight, as town after town tumbled into nothingness. It was eerily dark in the middle of the afternoon. The wind was cold, the dust blew in swirls, and lightning struck mercilessly. Over and over again.  Swallowing communities whole, with its purple, electric mouth. It wasn’t just ordinary lightning. It was the most terrifying sight she had ever seen. Each bolt was as thick as a tree trunk, and it burned forests, farms, and cities into crispy wastelands of death with…

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