The 7-day cook-off: Day 3

I finally fell behind on my blogs. By the time I finished shooting yesterday’s recipe, editing and uploading, it was night time. Stripped of time, I took a call to write the post today, along with the blog for Day 4.

Yesterday was one of those days where you just want to punch the Google Weather app smack in the face for misinformation. The forecast showed light rain showers with a maximum of 32 degrees. The clouds came and left in a hurry throughout the day, without so much as a drizzle.

By the time we were done with lunch, thick clouds concealed the sun, taking away the most important component in the shoot – the light. We made do with whatever was present; I had to decrease the shutter speed considerably and opt for a high ISO (hence the grainy picture). But it worked!

After an hour of sweating extensively and battling the 80% humidity, we finally had the cake in the oven and the shoot complete. Equinox day was a tough one.

The 7-ingredient chocolate cake


I got the recipe from a friend in college, who got it from his grandmum. Simple, delicate and easy – that is what best characterizes this cake. Seven items are all you require along with 35 minutes in your long, tiring day. You can make this in the morning and bake it as you go for a run, or come back from the office at night and just give it half an hour.

Best part? No machines at all (except for the oven, of course!). Check out the video here:


All-purpose flour – 1 and one-third cups

Cocoa Powder – half a cup (I have Hershey’s; you can use anything you find)

Powdered Sugar – 1 cup

Baking Powder + Baking Soda – 1 teaspoon each

Set Curd – 1 cup

Any vegetable oil – half a cup

Vanilla essence – 1 teaspoon

Keep aside a little milk and a pinch of salt as necessary.


Pass the dry ingredients through a sifter into a large bowl. The sugar should be the last ingredient to be sieved.

In another bowl, combine the oil, curd and vanilla essence. Then add it bit by bit to the dry mix. If done right, your batter should be coming around evenly with no lumps.

You’ll notice that the wet items seep right through without much muscle power. Add a pinch of salt. This will bring out the aftertaste of the chocolate even more. Also, add a little milk if you think the mix is slightly dry.

Pour into a flour-lined baking dish, and set in a pre-heated oven at 170 degrees Celcius for 25 minutes. I usually take a kebab stick and check the centre after the timer goes off, and nine times out of ten it’ll be done!

Let the cake cool before adding your finishing. I like this cake with just a dusting of icing sugar and some candy sprinkles. You can also add a dark chocolate glaze, the recipe for which I will provide later.

As you slice the cake, you’ll notice there are not many crumbs – testimony to how soft and intact it is. Go on then, make it and share some pictures!

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